Writing Services and Rates

In addition to full book projects, I offer a number of other writing, editing, and proofreading services.

  • Rates generally apply to electronic editing in Word, though sometimes editing a printed hard copy is best to see the big picture of your project.
  • Standard page is 250 words
  • Minimum charge: $20
  • 50% (est.) to start, balance on completion

Note: The following individual editing and review services can be combined into single projects with a price to be determined. When we discuss what you need, we can determine final pricing per page or per project. Also, read my blog post “How Much Does It Cost?”

Bruce has the natural talent to reconstruct difficult-to-read words into a coherent sentence that the reader can truly appreciate. He also has the eye to spot inconsistencies in the narrative that differ from page 10 to page 200.
I’m glad that he is on my team!
– Dennis Macaraeg, author, Somewhere in San Diego

Finish editing: $2 per page

Proofing for minor grammar and typos when your manuscript is in good shape and may have already been proofed by another editor.

Proofreading:  $3 per page

Manuscript has been through a few drafts, but you need more extensive review for spelling, typos, punctuation, and other stylebook issues.

Comprehensive Line-by-Line Edit/Rewrite: $10 per page

Revise for clarity, word choice, sentence structure, verb tense, natural dialog (fiction). I provide comments, questions, and suggestions for you so you can decide if further work is needed.

Writing/Project Work: $95/hr

This is for me to write new material. It could be web content, articles, white papers, technical docs, video scripts, presentations, and more for marketing or other purposes.

Global Editorial Review: $2,500-3,500

This is an intensive analysis of the fundamental elements of your work:

  • Overarching themes – Are the main points of the book obvious by reading?
  • Structure – Is the organization of the material in the book logical and easy to follow?
  • Tone – Is the tone appropriate and consistent: e.g., serious, formal, light, humorous, conversational?
  • Style – Is the style consistent throughout?
  • Fiction:
    • Narrative development – Is the POV consistent, tone matches characters?
    • Characterization – Does each character’s behavior and action match who they are?
    • Plots and sub-plots – What is the main plot and are there sub-plots that (can) add to the story?
    • Setting/Mood – How does the setting relate to and add to the story?

Global editorial review includes:

  • Report addressing all elements and quality of your manuscript.
  • In-depth suggestions for revisions that you can use to re-write and create a new revision.
  • Meeting (approx. 1 hour) to discuss and determine your steps to move ahead. Up to you to decide if you want to do the next revision or hire StorySetFree for that job.