Bruce Rowe can set your story free with his combination of writing, journalism, and marketing.
Writer, marketer (and baseball fan) Bruce Rowe.

Accurately Capture and Communicate Your Story

One of my most vivid memories from high school was when my eleventh grade Advanced English teacher read an essay I had written in front of the class. It was the first time I thought, “I might be pretty good at this.”

During college, I mixed journalism courses with my marketing major, and continued to write, including a short stint as a news writer/editor at what was then the major news radio station in San Diego, KSDO.

After graduating, my writing skills earned me a job in PR for the San Diego Padres, and later, a reporter’s beat at the San Diego Business Journal.

Building deep writing skills

At the Business Journal I developed a reputation for quickly and accurately capturing and communicating the essence of the companies I covered. Many were complex, high technology ventures that were a challenge to translate into something the average person could find interesting and understandable. Also, there’s nothing better for building your writing skill set than having your work edited every day.

Though it has become obvious in the past decade or so, I could see even then that journalism was not going to be a very lucrative career. I left the news business for the corporate world in the late ’80s, but have continued to write just about every kind of story, publication, and online content you can imagine for public relations, marketing, and investor relations purposes.

Now with 30 years in marketing under my belt, my writing experience includes feature articles, white papers, press releases, web content, broadcast copy, video scripts, presentations, short stories, case studies, annual reports, technical publications, and marketing brochures.

Nonfiction books are my specialty

As you may have already seen on this site, I have collaborated on several nonfiction books.

Many people are discovering that a book is a fantastic way to market their expertise and what they do. My combination of writing and marketing will prove valuable. First, because writing quality will be a key to the success of your book, and second because I can help you write it with marketing in mind, including hooks and key ideas to attract your audience.

If you have a book within you, I can help you set it free, so your knowledge and ideas are able to make the impact you know they can.

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