Bring Your Teen Back From The Brink

Objective: Saving teens from drug abuse and restoring health and peace to familiesBring Your Teen Back From The Brink, Second Edition

Bring Your Teen Back From the Brink, second edition, is a great first step for parents to increase their effectiveness in dealing with teen drug use. They learn to avoid emotional pitfalls, identify the behaviors of teen drug users, get factual information on drugs, get tough, and find professional help when they
need it.

In a handbook format, this collaboration with an expert in teen drug counseling enables parents to get a quick education in what they need to know to deal with drug-using teens.

Great Book, Great Author
Will Wooton has helped so many teenagers and their families overcome drug problems. I highly recommend this book for anyone with a child suffering from substance abuse. The book provides specific and practical steps to help parents and teens get through the tough process of recovery.  (Kyle Knabbon on

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My Role in This Project

I managed this project from start to finish, including writing, editing, and publishing:

  • Developed book outline
  • Interviewed subject matter expert based on final outline
  • Transcribed interviews into narrative, handbook style with lots of subheads for easy reference
  • Researched drug use to add interesting and helpful teen drug use trends and statistical information
  • Conducted interviews with testimonial contributors and transcribed with edits
  • Several rounds of edits, re-writes, and updates
  • Final proof reading for accuracy and grammar
  • Formatted transcript into final files for ebook and print versions