Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks

Objective: To educate the general population about stock investing in a way that can be passed on to younger generations for years to come.Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is a new book by JJ Wenrich

Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and lessons for grownups, J.J. Wenrich will walk you through how he encouraged his three kids to save birthday and allowance money, then use a portion to buy stocks.

In this nonfiction collaboration, I wanted to preserve J.J.’s light and humorous style in teaching a subject that can get confusing and technical. We wanted to appeal to an audience that may know little to nothing about stocks and the stock market.

I worked from J.J.’s first draft, molding his thoughts into a cohesive narrative for easy reading. We were able to create a book that anyone can understand, and then use to teach the subject. As J.J. says, “It really does take a village! If today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, we the village need to properly equip ourselves in order to equip our youth for success.”

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My Role in This Nonfiction Collaboration

I joined with J.J. after he had completed his first draft, providing writing and publishing advice and these services:

  • Content organization
  • Developmental editing and rewriting
  • Research and fact checking
  • Interior design and formatting
  • Copy editing and proofing
  • Manuscript formatting for publishing

From review from Matt Hutson on Bookmattic:

I knew very little about investing before reading this book and it’s definitely a better book for a beginner compared to something like The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham which goes into depth about all the different kinds of investing. When you read this book you’ll get a concise explanation into many investing terms and strategies to use while investing. If you’re really interested in getting involved in investing and you have kids then Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is a great book to invest in (pun intended).