Lucy Kellaway and the Battle Against Corporate Claptrap

As Charlie Brown often said, “*Sigh*.”

I have to say I often feel the same way as Ms. Kellaway about my career-long campaign against cliches and jargon in writing. Click the  link above to listen to her lament as she leaves the Financial Times.

I’m sure my stance will cost me clients, since so many seem to think claptrap is the way it’s done. They disregard the fact that their “everyone does it this way” defense is precisely why they should not do it. Instead they apply “110% effort” to differentiate their ideas and business while simultaneously making them sound exactly like everyone else’s.

Oh well. I really can’t work with claptrap users anyway.

Instead, I prefer to follow the “Insane Honesty” mantra of Doug Kessler. Though I am losing a fellow battler in Lucy Kellaway, I will keep up the fight.

One more thing. Though I know her only by her writing philosophy, I must say that I am now insanely in love with Ms. Kellaway.