Why you should write a book.

Photo: Patrick Tomasso

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In his book Talk Like Ted, Carmine Gallo identifies “Unleash the Master Within” as the first secret to successfully delivering your message. According to Gallo, it starts with asking yourself, “What makes your heart sing?” (Maybe a little warm and fuzzy, but the concept is good…) Discover the answer and you’ll know what fills you with energy and propels you to do your best work.

The process of writing a book can help you uncover that answer by focusing and refining what you want to communicate. During that process, you’ll naturally uncover the core ideas that matter to you. Then your book will become a great tool you can use to tell your story and spread the message about your passion, be it professional or altruistic.

Though it’s a specialized skill to be sure, writing the book is only an important first step. The key to ultimate success is getting it in front of the right audience. My combination of experience in writing, journalism, public relations, and corporate marketing can help you accomplish the mission of not only capturing your story, but getting it into the hands of those who matter to you.

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